Isaac Dulgarian | Impressive And Rare

That first-round TKO improved Dulgarian’s pro record to 6-0 with six first-round finishes, and if anyone thought that he wasn’t ready for the UFC with less than ten fights, he proved otherwise. That’s a testament to Dulgarian’s talent and, as he points out, his grandpa’s love.

Rankings Report | Week of March 11, 2024

“He put everything into me,” said Dulgarian. “He would take me around the U.S. every weekend. We’d be in New York one weekend, Arizona the next weekend, wrestling. He sacrificed money, his job, his time, everything, just for me. He wouldn’t do it for anybody else, but just for me. He believed in me more than anyone else. I really do a lot to make him proud. He wasted a lot of his life on me, and I want to make it worth it to him.”

It wasn’t a waste, it was all for a purpose, one Dulgarian is fulfilling now, and one he plans on playing forward when he and his lady, Invicta FC vet Alexa Culp, welcome their little girl in April.

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