Ian Garry’s Wife Fires Back At ‘World Bulls— Title Holder’ Strickland

Layla Machado has had enough of the rumors and accusations surrounding her marriage to UFC welterweight contender Ian Garry.

Public sentiment towards the couple turned sharply after it was revealed that Layla had written a book in 2012 called ‘How to Become a WAG’, with ‘WAG’ being U.K. tabloid shorthand for the ‘Wives And Girlfriends’ of sports stars. In a YouTube video, Sean Strickland accused her of being a scheming gold digger and master manipulator that was ‘cucking’ Ian. MMA fans have been running with that narrative ever since.

Now Layla is firing back in a lengthy Instagram video breaking down what she says are the three biggest lies being told about her and Ian Garry. And she’s using Shakespeare to do it.

“This tsunami of aggression towards the undefeated welterweight all exploded when former middleweight title holder and current multiple world bullshit title holder Sean Strickland read a clickbait headline but didn’t bother to fact check or read the whole article,” Layla said. “Unsurprising gullible behavior, but why would we expect anything else?”

“So let’s begin with lie number one: Ian took his wife’s ex husband’s surname. I can’t believe anyone would accept this to be true but the MMA community picked it up and ran a full marathon with it. In fact, some people are still running with it now, gripping on with sweaty trembling fingers in order to justify blatant trolling.”

“It’s not true,” she declared. “It never was true. Machado is my maiden name. We added our names together when we got married. It’s not that big a deal. Now that you know that it was a lie, you can kick yourself for believing it. Preferably in the face.”

“Lie number two: His wife’s ex lives with them. There’s a pattern here. A lot of the lies are about his wife. I’m so glad she’s finally clearing it up. No. No, he doesn’t. He never has. I find that a bit weird.”

“Lie number three: Ian is a cuck,” Machado-Garry continued. “Step back up, Sean Strickland, a man who’s unlikely to be okay with the Shakespearean English he unwittingly used when calling Ian a cuck. First penned in the story of Othello, the word cuckold refers to the fear of a man who’s been betrayed by his wife.”

“Sean Strickland has been talking an awful lot about Ian Gary’s wife,” she said. “I’ve been called a sexual predator, a pedophile, an abuser all by the man who alleges he suffered that exact abuse as a child growing up.”

“In the Shakespearean classic, Iago tells Othello about Desdemona’s adultery and he blindly believes the rumors. It’s serendipity and not merely coincidental that Iago was lying. There was no truth to the story at all. Othello, like the crowd at UFC 298, was cruelly misled by Iago’s jealousy and insecurities.

“Othello was never the cuckold he was called,” she concluded. “His wife was never an adulteress. And notably, when the lies were exposed, Iago was taken away to be tortured and killed. Thank you, Shakespeare.”

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