The Unflappable Payton Talbott

The shift from getting stuck on bottom and losing the first round in his maiden appearance inside the Octagon to knowing Aguirre was on the brink of giving up seven minutes later reflects one of the intangible pieces that makes the 25-year-old Talbott an intriguing prospect to track in the bantamweight division.

No matter the opponent or the situation, the Reno, Nevada native is unflappable inside the cage, showing a calmness and poise beyond his years and level of experience.

“I spar with a lot of heavy guys at my gym,” began Talbott when asked how and where those traits have been developed. “A lot of the guys I spar with, get heavy rounds with at my gym are bigger than me. And I think I’ve been through some really hard s*** in life — mentally, I’ve really gone through it, especially when I was 18; I had some hard struggles.”

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When asked to expand on those adolescent challenges, the unbeaten prospect smiled and chalked it up to traditional battles that often come with starting to progress into adulthood.

“You know how it is — coming of age, finding your purpose, getting a little too in your head, fighting the demons.”

In addition to fighting demons in early adulthood and enjoying doing the same in the Dark Souls series of video games, fighting is also now what Talbott does professionally, and his progression through the ranks and onto the UFC stage in a short amount of time illustrates the promise the University of Nevada product carries.

After a five-fight amateur career that stretched out over more than four years, Talbott has gone from making his professional debut at the end of November 2021 to claiming his first victory inside the Octagon basically two years later, advancing his record to 7-0 in the process.

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