Cameron Saaiman “I’m Ready To Go To War”

Despite the setback, Saaiman isn’t one to dwell on the past, and has instead taken the loss in stride, using it as fuel to come back even stronger.

“I learned a lot in that fight,” he said. “We learn a lot in wins, but we will learn so much more in losses, and just going back to the drawing board, making sure our bodies heal properly. I had a few months to get surgery, get healed up, get patched up, and now I’m ready to go to war once again.” 

Saturday’s Full Fight Card Preview

If war is what Saaiman was looking for in his next opponent, he’ll definitely get that against fellow Dana White’s Contender Series alum Talbott. The Nevada native secured a submission win against Nick Aguirre his first time out and will look to do the same in his sophomore outing against Saaiman.

“I think people actually underestimate how hard (Talbott) works,” Saaiman said. “I think he looks like a chill, laid-back guy who likes falling off motorcycles and skateboarding, but I do think he works very hard. I think he’s super explosive and very athletic, and he deserves to be here, and we both deserve to be here. I don’t think either of us hesitated, so both of us are expecting a three-round war. If it finishes before that, great, and I’m going to try to make it look as easy as possible.”

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