Youssef Zalal Has A Chip On His Shoulder

Zalal, one of the most affable fighters on the roster, laughed, explaining that he didn’t mind interviews, knowing that it’s part of the gig at this level of the sport. But when he got to the answer, it wasn’t exactly what you might expect.

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“To be honest, it’s the fight week,” Zalal said. “All the emotions that I feel, it’s almost like a movie. That’s what I’m mostly excited about. To be in that fight week environment, to be like, ‘Hey, let’s go do this media, let’s do this picture, let’s hang out with the team.’ This week is about you. Because regionally, it was just like you training with your teammates. You still come to the gym, stay home, cut weight, then go fight. But when you fly out to Vegas, it’s just you and the coaches and the whole UFC thing, whatever you’re doing. And that’s what I was missing.”

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