VIDEO: Missile Strikes Five Minutes From Jones’ Hotel In Kyiv

Craig Jones is showing his support for Ukraine.

The jiu-jitsu ace has become notorious for his silly antics and wacky personality throughout his career. Despite that, Jones is one of the most talented people in the world at his craft, and he shares his knowledge when he gets the chance.

Jones and his team held a seminar in Warsaw, Poland, this past weekend and then drove to Kyiv, Ukraine, for another. Upon his arrival in Kyiv, Jones shared on Instagram that during the night drive, 31 missiles were shot down. Luckily for Jones, he and others in the area avoided disaster as a missile struck down five minutes from his hotel, as seen in the embedded video above.

“Ballistic missile landed somewhere nearby,” Jones said.

“Here I’m holding part of the missile,” he continued when checking out the blast site. “4000-kilo missile that f—king hit five minutes from my hotel. Actually was shot down this morning. Obviously, here’s the crater. The guys are already filling their stuff back in now. But f—king crazy. Obviously, things are tense out here, but the air siren goes off, the missile gets shot down, everyone goes back to work afterward. The world doesn’t just stop.”

To Jones’ surprise, 250 people attended his Kyiv seminar. All proceeds from the event will go to Ukrainian soldiers who train jiu-jitsu.

Jones, 32, has picked up two stellar victories within the past month: first at Karate Combat 44 via a flying triangle (watch highlights) and then at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 6. However, don’t expect the Australian wildman to return at the upcoming Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) tournament.

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