Florida Keys Mayor Hates Road House

Teri Johnston, mayor of Key West, Fla., has a problem with Conor McGregor’s Road House movie because it depicts Florida Keys as a crime-ridden drug den where troublemakers come to get drunk and throw hands. Merrill Raschein, Mayor of Monroe County, echoed those sentiments when talking to TMZ.

It should be noted the bulk of Road House was shot in Dominican Republic.

McGregor, a former two-division UFC champion, made his acting debut as “Knox” alongside Hollywood mainstay Jake Gyllenhaal. Reviews were mixed ahead of the Amazon Video release, with some people praising “Notorious” for his performance while others insisted the remake was written for “virgins and WWE fans.”

Your results may vary.

I went diving in the Florida Keys in 2017 and didn’t see any bars that would warrant the services of an ex-UFC fighter, portrayed by Gyllenhaal. I did, however, see a tree growing on a bridge, which is apparently a big deal down there — telling you everything you need to know about the local population.

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