Last Time In Atlantic City

Thrilling lightweights Edson Barboza and Kevin Lee threw down in the main event in Atlantic City, with “The Motown Phenom” delivering one of the best performances of his career.

Lee wasted no time getting Barboza to the canvas in the first and second round. He poured on the damage for nearly eight minutes of ground control time, with his mixture of elbows and power strikes cutting up Barboza. Momentum shifted suddenly in the third round when Barboza connected with a spinning head kick that put Lee on stilts. Lee struggled to find his footing and desperately went for a takedown. He was able to get Barboza down and clear the cobwebs on his way to surviving the round.

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The fourth round started off with all sorts of attacks flying from Barboza, but just when it appeared he was getting momentum, Lee lifted him off the mat and planted him down. With Barboza flat on his back, Lee punished Barboza with ground-and-pound strikes. The damage on Barboza started to show at the beginning of the fifth round and he was swollen under both eyes. At 2:18 in the fifth round the doctor decided the damage was too significant and called the fight.

It was a heck of a fight for Lee and was full of intrigue from the first strike.

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