Khabib Reacts To GSP Claims Of Grounding ‘Eagle’

What would happen if Georges St-Pierre fought Khabib Nurmagomedov?

St-Pierre would “put him down,” according to comments “Rush” made on a recent podcast (see the full transcript here). St-Pierre is a former welterweight champion and one-time middleweight kingpin, while Nurmagomedov was a longtime lightweight titleholder.

“I learn from this guy a lot,” Nurmagomedov replied on Instagram. “Even hear he talk about me is so interesting. GSP all day.”

There was talk of pairing St-Pierre against Nurmagomedov at some point during their respective careers; however, like the oft-teased dream matchup between St-Pierre and former middleweight champion Anderson Silva, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Or “categorically refused,” depending on who you ask.

UFC CEO Dana White even tried to go after both retirees for a potential grappling match on the jiu-jitsu circuit, but Nurmagomedov passed on the offer because his sheep won’t feed themselves, not because he was too expensive.

Just be cautious of any more “lies” about a future super fight.

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