Garry Too Scary For Wimpington?

Undefeated welterweight sensation Ian Garry is ready to elevate himself from top prospect to No. 1 contender, and “The Future” knows the fastest way to accomplish that goal is by taking out two-time title challenger Colby Covington, currently ranked three spots above Garry at No. 4 in the 170-pound weight class.

Even if it means a plane ride to Miami.

“Look, if Colby wants to fight in his back garden tomorrow, I will fly to Miami and fight him in his back garden,” Garry told MMA Fighting. “I don’t care when it is. I just want him as the opponent. I want him to be a man and step into the Octagon and face his fears. Face the man who he’s talked a lot of s*** about, and watch what happens when you get in there. God will be good. He will give me Colby Covington whenever, wherever I want him, and he will say, ‘Ian, have fun.’”

Covington and Garry have spent the last few months pissing on one another through social media, though it’s unclear if the promotion has plans to pair them off in the immediate future. “Chaos” is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Leon Edwards at UFC 296 while “The Future” is not far removed from his judges’ nod over Geoff Neal at UFC 298.

“I want to fight him because of the following he has, the respect on his name as one of the better fighters in this division and has been for a long time,” Garry continued. “I want to fight him because of all the s*** that he has talked about me and my family, and I’m going to make sure that he regrets every word he’s said. But I also know that even if it was the best Colby Covington we ever seen, he would never stand a chance against me. No matter how good Colby Covington ever could be or would be, he would never be able to beat me. I’m too elite. I’m too fast. I’m too technically brilliant. He just doesn’t stand a chance.”

Covington (17-4) is nearly a decade older than Garry (14-0) at 36.

“I don’t think the guy deserves any respect in the world, to be honest with you,” Garry said. “The s*** he talks … I’ll step into that Octagon, and I’ll retire him. That’s my goal. My whole goal to when I fight Colby Covington is that he never puts on MMA gloves ever again. You don’t deserve to be here. You don’t deserve to be at the top of the division anymore. I’m going to retire you. All of Brazil is going to have a smile on their face when I knock you unconscious and leave you in a puddle of your own blood, face down on the canvas. Colby, you’re done. Fala tchau. [Say bye.]”

Seems like easy matchmaking … assuming UFC can get both fighters to sign the contract.

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