Chris Curtis: No More Fear

The hyper-fixation on the impact of each appearance and the way that social media can be uplifting or debilitating are universally understandable not just within the MMA space, but for most people, in general, if you turn each fight into a work assignment, business project, or task you’re looking to accomplish.

But Curtis is in a unique position professionally because his age works as a force multiplier when it comes to his career and the positive or negative effects each win and loss can carry.

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“Every fighter has a time limit — we can’t do this forever — and that’s why I’m so adamant and passionate about this because I’m working on a very limited time limit,” said Curtis, who arrived on the scene later than most, and therefore doesn’t have the space to embark on a 10-12-year run inside the Octagon. “I’ve been fighting for 20 something years. I’ve held together very well — thank God I come from durable genetics — but the survival rate for everybody drops to zero eventually, so I’m aware that I can’t do it forever.

“I’ve got three more years. I’ve been signed for two, and I’ve got three more, and really, I’ve got to put 10, 12 years into that,” he continued. “I can’t be afraid to take those risks, take those chances.

“There are probably fights I shouldn’t take, but f*** it. If you lose, what’s gonna happen? The internet is gonna say you suck or you’re mid, but so what? When it’s all said and done and I’m gone, I’m gonna have some awesome stories to tell and some cool f****** scars, so why not?”

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