Video: Jake Paul leaves rapper Lil Pump writhing in agony after delivering brutal body shot

Jake Paul may not be a world class boxer just yet but there’s no doubt he still hits really hard.

The 27-year-old fighter proved that after rapper Lil Pump requested an undefended body shot after they finished recording a podcast together. It’s safe to say that didn’t end well for him.

The video from Paul’s BS podcast shows the 9-1 professional boxer loading up on a punch and then blasting the hip-hop star in the body. Lil Pump — real name Gazzy Garcia — immediately fell to the ground writhing and moaning in pain from the punch.

As he continued suffering in agony, Paul stood over top of him with a smile while saying “I told you, you didn’t have to do it.”

At 5-foot-5, and maybe 140 pounds soaking wet, Lil Pump didn’t have much protection from Paul’s brutal body blow. His reaction showed that it’s always going to be a bad idea to jump in these kinds of situations with a professional fighter.

Of course, Paul’s break from training to demolish a viral rapper was only a slight distraction as he continues preparation for a July showdown with former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

The highly publicized but also widely criticized matchup between Paul and the 57-year-old boxer airs on Netflix on July 20 from AT&T Stadium just outside Dallas.

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