Damon Jackson Would Always Choose Fighting

Damon Jackson, if there was such a thing as a time machine and you were transported back to 1993, would you be okay with being a UFC fighter?

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“Yeah,” Jackson says without hesitation. “I think that it would be better if there was no time limit; that way every fight gets finished. They should definitely get back to that. I think people play it safe nowadays and they want to do everything right by the judges, so I like the fact that you go out there and get finishes. I would definitely like to go back to the basic rules.”

If you didn’t know him, you might think the featherweight veteran is waxing poetic about the good ol’ days just to be a good quote. But he’s not built that way. When you talk to the 35-year-old, he gives it to you straight, so when he says he wouldn’t mind fighting until there’s a finish, consider that in 30 professional fights, he’s only been to the scorecards five times. And it’s that kill or be killed approach to the sport that has started to build him quite the following without him being an active participant in the social media game.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that every fight that the UFC matchmakers put Jackson in looks to be a barnburner, at least on paper.

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