Melissa Mullins: “I Feel Like I’m Always The Underdog”

“Honestly, I want to maintain the zero and, going forward, I set the vision to be 7-0, but there’s only two people in the cage, isn’t it? One of us has got to lose.”

Mullins expects it to be Cornolle.

“I feel like I’ve had a lot more adversity in my fights,” she said. “I feel like I fought harder opponents as a professional and I’ve not fought bums. So I feel like my experience in the cage has been a rougher ride and I’ve come out the other side of it.”

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And she’s done it by fighting with the attitude of an underdog, not a favorite. But as she puts it, that’s the role she’s always felt she was given.

“I feel like I’m always the underdog,” said Mullins. “Everyone overlooks me most of the time. I feel that since I started fighting, only my team are the ones that really believe in me, which is as expected.”

That support is growing, though, with Mullins’ fanbase growing with each win. So even though this is a serious sport and she’s a serious young lady, she is making time to take it all in.

“I enjoy it every day,” she said. “I could be working in Tesco, packing bags, or I could be working in a sport center, packing away benches. So, a hundred percent, I enjoy doing this. And even when training, you turn up and it’s hard and you don’t want to be there, if you have a good session, you go away and you’re smiling.”

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