Police: Jon Jones accused of assaulting drug testing agent, threatening to kill her

Police are investigating an incident allegedly involving UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones after a drug testing agent from Drug Free Sport filed a police report against him alleging that he assaulted her and threatened to kill her during a recent visit to his home.

A police report filed on April 5 alleges that the incident took place on March 30 after the drug testing agent named Crystal Martinez arrived at Jones’ home to collect a sample as part of the UFC’s anti-doping program.

According to the police report, Martinez told authorities that she and a co-worker arrived at Jones’ home at approximately 4 p.m. to retrieve a urine sample. Martinez reported that Jones was “cooperative at first” after she laid down her equipment down on a table, which included her personal cell phone.

Martinez claimed that Jones and her co-worker “went around the corner” so he could give them a urine sample. When they returned, Martinez stated that her co-worker “appeared nervous” and said that Jones wasn’t able to urinate.

Martinez stated that she offered to take a blood sample instead and she said “Jones appeared agitated” and he was “tense and puffed up.” She told police that Jones began asking them questions “if they had money” because he was going to sue them and that’s when she alleges that the UFC fighter picked up her phone and “started recording them.”

Police stated that the responding officer viewed the video where Jones “stated something to the effect ‘here f****** Jerome and his girlfriend in my garage’ and the video cut off. Martinez claimed Jones then put her phone in his pocket before she alleges that he got into her face and stated “why you f****** people come so early, do you know what happens to people who come to my house … they end up dead.”

Martinez told police she was “terrified” with Jones allegedly standing less than a foot away from her and she wanted to terminate the test but “was afraid Jones might hit her” since UFC athletes face potential repercussions for not taking a drug test. Martinez said she wanted to call for help but Jones still had her phone.

She stated that Jones eventually agreed to take the urine test again and he placed her phone back on the counter so Martinez said she grabbed it while Jones and her co-worker went back to the patio so he could urinate. Martinez stated that she texted her boss — identified in the report as Pierson Laughlin — that Jones was threatening her and that she could not talk to him over the phone because Jones could come back at any moment and she was afraid he would “attack her if he saw her on the phone.”

When her co-worker returned with the urine sample, Martinez claimed he looked “pale and nervous” because he kept making mistakes while attempting to package the sample.

Martinez told police she believed Jones may have been intoxicated “because she smelled an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from him.” She told police that she filed an internal report for her employer but also told them she intended to file a police report. She claimed her boss instructed her to “hold off until UFC representatives spoke with her.”

Martinez claimed her co-worker didn’t want to file a police report because “he was afraid of the repercussions.”

Martinez then stated that Laughlin allegedly contacted her on April 4 asking why she wanted to file a report and she claimed that it “seemed like he was trying to talk her out of it.”

Martinez told police she wanted to pursue criminal charges against Jones with the officer noting that a summons would be issued to Jones. The officer noted in the report that he tried to reach out to Martinez’s co-worker, and her boss, but didn’t get an answer so a voicemail was left.

Police stated that Laughlin eventually reached out to them and “all he knew was what Crystal told him and preferred not to give a statement.” Martinez also provided police with a written report with the accusations around the alleged incident.

The police report states that a summons was issued on April 5 with Jones charged with assault and interference with communications for allegedly taking the drug tester’s phone. Based on online court records, no official charges are showing against Jones currently.

UFC acknowledged a request from MMA Fighting for a statement regarding the allegations against Jones but nothing has been issued yet.

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