Alexander Hernandez Won’t Be Deterred

“There’s a realm of reality that floats in the back of my mind that’s like, obviously you can’t afford to lose this fight,” he explains. “Then there’s this co-existing truth that is, you’re a f**king stud. I get going to these camps and I feel as close to God as a man can. I feel untouchable. I feel great, I’m moving better, I’m improving. I made some additions in this camp with a boxing coach and I shored up some more short ends, got faster, got tighter, and everything’s better than before. So let’s keep getting better at executing. Let’s just execute on it. Because the idea of not doing it, it’s like I feel way too fucking good. I feel too physically sharp. And so it’s like, man, let’s go deliver on a game day because that, of course, is where we’re falling short. It’s often not a technical issue. It’s a winning issue.”

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And that’s the dilemma isn’t it? Good camp, bad camp, favorable matchup, unfavorable matchup – it all comes down to who is “on” on fight night. Add in four-ounce gloves and a million ways to lose, and it makes for quite a mental hurdle to overcome. Some fighters never get over that hurdle. Alexander Hernandez has been there before and he’s smart enough to know what it takes to be a winner in the UFC. Now he just has to go do it.

“Let’s put ourselves in the mindset of a winner,” he said. “Let’s agree that we’re a winner. Let’s agree that we are better than this, that we’re special. And you can develop that confidence in your training every day. And you’re like, I’m the f**king man. So let’s go execute, go get two, God willing, three nice checks, and then let’s just go line it up and do it again.”

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