Jones Officially Hit With Assault Charge Over Drug Test Incident

UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been charged by police over allegations of assault by a Drug Free Sports International agent, the group that handles sample collection for the UFC’s anti-doping program.

News came out on Friday night (Apr. 6th, 2024) after DFSI agent Crystal Martinez spoke with Albuquerque police about a disturbing incident from a March 30th afternoon random sample collection at Jones’ home.

According to Martinez, Jones was initially compliant with the request for a urine sample but then became agitated and threatened to sue her and another DFSI agent. He then picked up Martinez’s phone and filmed a video complaining about the drug testers in his garage before putting the phone in his pocket and refusing to return it.

Police confirmed the video’s content in the initial incident report.

Martinez alleges that Jones then said “Why you f—ing people come so early, do you know what happens to people who come to my house, they end up dead.”

That was enough to constitute charges of assault and interfering with communications. NBC News reports Jones was issued a summons at his home which ‘doubled as his arrest.’ The UFC champ wasn’t taken into custody or booked into jail.

Jones has disputed the claims of Martinez and posted a video showing him giving the tester a high five as they departed from his property.

According to a police report on the summons, Jones told officers he believed Martinez was “unhappy because of offensive language he used in his garage.” His version of the story had him saying “Tell everyone at [DFSI] headquarters not to send people to my home so early because it could be a dangerous environment.”

The UFC has not released any statements or comments regarding the incident with Jones at this point.

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