Significant Stats | UFC 300: Pereira vs Hill

Key Stats: 3,197 significant strikes landed (1st all-time), 7.1 strikes landed per minute (3rd all-time among FW), 11 total fight night bonuses (tied 10th all-time)

What It Means: “Blessed” is nonstop action personified. The Hawaiian and former featherweight champion is an exhaustive opponent, constantly pressuring forward, switching stances and peppering opponents with strikes. Holloway’s boxing is famously sharp, and he does well to work his foe’s body in the middle of combinations. He doesn’t kick quite as much as he used to earlier in his career, but he still employs quick low kicks and a beautiful spinning back kick to his opponent’s body. Holloway’s best weapons will always be his cardio, volume and legendary durability.

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What to Look For in the Fight: The third BMF title fight lives up to the moniker beautifully. Gaethje carries more fight-ending power, and if anyone can crack Holloway’s granite chin, it’s Gaethje, but “The Highlight” will be best served sticking to his low kicks early. Holloway has shown a vulnerability to that attack in the past, and few throw them better than Gaethje. Holloway will have to close the distance and keep the pressure on Gaethje early in hopes of slowing those attacks, but he’ll have to be wary of the danger coming his way, as well. Gaethje can end a fight in a blink, and Holloway is very hittable. Expect Holloway to keep the volume high, especially when in the pocket, and manage distance otherwise. Holloway has the cardio advantage against almost everyone he fights, and even though Gaethje is as durable as they come, he can wear down just a little bit, which is all Holloway needs to overwhelm anyone.  

Charles Oliveira

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