Cody Garbrandt: All About Consistency And Control

“I feel like simplicity is where I grow and where I flourish the most,” said Garbrandt. “When we try to add all this fancy training and new things as we’re trying to evolve with the sport, really, the basics and just the hard work ethic and that grind day in and day out is what separates me from a lot of the field. It’s just being consistent, knowing there’s peaks and valleys in there, and peaks and valleys outside of camp life. So yeah, simplifying it and just getting a structured routine and schedule that I live off of as a martial artist is what’s working.”

Wins over Trevin Jones and Kelleher, which took place after a year on the sidelines in 2022 that followed a one-and-done trip to the flyweight division against Kai Kara-France in 2021, showed that indeed, Garbrandt’s “keep it simple” philosophy is working. And while all is well in the world of “No Love” at the moment, you have to wonder if he now plays the what if game.

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“The hindsight’s always 20/20 after a fight or after something happens in your life,” said Garbrandt. “You can dissect it and see what you did right and see what you did wrong. But right now, I just live in the moment and try to be present. I control what I can control, and things that I can’t control, I have to let go and not hold onto that. Little things in camp, like getting sick or injured, I used to beat myself up about. Now, I miss a practice or miss days of training, it’s sometimes s a blessing in disguise because maybe that’s what your body, your mind, and your soul needed to let you come back a little bit refreshed. There are things in life, too, that you can’t control. So, for me, it’s just about living in the present and controlling what you can control.”

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