Jiří Procházka Is Staying Calm In The Chaos

“I’m glad I can (fight) with Aleksandar, because he will prove my technique, my conditioning, my Fight IQ, because with him, I have to be 300 percent prepared for everything.

“His style is half-striker half-wrestler, and that’s something I’ve worked on for the last year, to connect the striking and the wrestling.”

UFC 300: Embedded | Countdown | Breakdown | Connected

UFC 300 will be the fifth time Procházka has been to the T-Mobile Arena, but it’s his first visit as a competing athlete. The occasion couldn’t be bigger, with the event bringing the most stacked fight card in UFC history. It’s a big night to be a part of, but for Procházka, it’s the perfect test of his temperament, as he looks to stay ice-cold in the white-hot atmosphere of a massive UFC pay-per-view in Las Vegas.

“I want to enjoy the fight,” he explained.

“I want to show that I’m a true professional, because that was a big question for me – how to keep myself calm in the fight and not be so emotional. That’s what I want to show – to have it under control through all of the fight. That space in the cage is mine, and I am able to show that I am the winner.”

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