Prochazka Vows To Achieve Victory Over Pereira

Jiri Prochazka has a new quest in his mixed martial arts career, and it’s to slay the monster known as Alex Pereira.

Prochazka already tasted Pereira’s strength back at UFC 295 in New York City. “Poatan” knocked Jiri out in the second round of their light heavyweight title fight, a loss Prochazka blames on ‘small details.’

Prochazka bounced back at UFC 300 with a violent knockout of Aleksandar Rakic, one that earned him a $300,000 performance bonus. And the Czech fighter watched in awe as Pereira won his main event against Jamahal Hill via effortless first round KO.

“I saw him, saw his performance … amazing,” Prochazka said in an interview with The Schmo. “And I have to say, now I’m starting to take it seriously. Because for me, this is something that I want to do, I want to achieve this victory. And when I want something, I will achieve that. So watch me.”

“I have to do some little upgrades on myself to not catching some punches, to make a perfect storm,” he added. “But with Alex, Alex knows that, and he knew that, even in New York, even in his hometown, he understood that I have the keys to win the fight.”

If he wants a rematch against Alex Pereira, he’s going to have to become undeniable. Following UFC 300, “Poatan” stated he had no interest in facing Prochazka again unless the UFC demanded it. So for now Jiri will have to continue improving, and winning.

“For me, it’s right now, most important for me is to improve myself in training and to take this experience from tonight to the next fight, as soon as possible,” Jiri said at the post-fight press conference. “Because I’m still learning. I’m still learning how to connect my, like, that violence and that hound instinct with the mastery, technique, with, present moments to keep it all in one.”

As for the $300,000 bonus he received for knocking out Rakic, Prochazka was his usual samurai self.

“We are not fighting for the money, we are fighting because it’s in our blood,” he told The Schmo solemnly. “It’s our will to win the fight. To make the best performance, not because of money.”

“But with money you are free and you can do good things,” he added. “So I appreciate it.”

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