The Evolution Of The Third Street Savage | UFC FIGHT PASS

“As you get older you get a little bit of a different perspective on life, you get a little bit smarter and a little bit less hard-headed,” Kuse explained. “There are some guys out there where you have to strategically pick them apart. Regardless, I’m still the Third Street Savage for life. I’m just coming with a little bit different approach; a little bit more calculated.”

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While the “Break Your Face Style” is something that will be dearly missed, Kuse has made his gym, Goat Shed, a second home and traded in some street fighter tendencies for strategic Fight IQ.

“My coach always said that if you’re not a gym rat then you’re getting left behind,” Kuse said. “People that miss training during camp, we blow by them. All the top dogs are in the gym all day every day, camp or no camp.”

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