Cam Smotherman’s Revenge Tour | UFC Fight Pass

Contender Series 2023 set the stage for Smotherman to make his well-deserved step into the UFC. Matched up with CFFC alumnus Charalampos Grigoriou, Smotherman was on the wrong end of a “blink of an eye” first-round TKO.

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“Really, what happened was, in my head I thought that the guy was super-fast, and he would throw super hard,” Smotherman explained. “When the fight started and he threw the first couple of shots, it was way slower than I thought. Then I checked a kick and I was like, ‘Oh I didn’t even feel that,’ and I thought to myself, ‘I got this.’ As soon as I dropped my guard for that one split second, that’s when he landed.”

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Obviously, the results are final, but anyone familiar with Fury FC or Smotherman knows that the unfortunate result of his DWCS bout was not an accurate representation of what the Fight Pass Fighter to Watch could bring to the UFC.

With six professional KO finishes to his name, it’s hard to imagine even the who’s who of the UFC aren’t familiar with one of the most feared bantamweights outside of the UFC. He just didn’t happen to put it together in August of 2023.

“It is what it is, but I feel like if I fought him again or if I fought him nine more times, I would win all nine,” Smotherman said. “That’s why we love sports, though, you never know what can happen.”

After the loss, Smotherman was deterred from competing in MMA for a short period.

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