Garcia Misses Weight In Latest Circus Stunt

In case you were wondering if Ryan Garcia was putting on a “lolol look how crazy I am” act to help draw attention to his upcoming Devin Haney super lightweight title fight on Sat. night (April 20, 2024) at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, today’s official weigh ins should serve as proof that Garcia is, in fact, completely off his rocker.

Or scared and trying to do everything he can to get out of this fight.

“Ryan Garcia is indeed waaaay overweight for the fight,” veteran boxing reporter Dan Rafael wrote on Twitter. “He scales 143.2 pounds, per source in the room. He will not be eligible to win the WBC 140-pound title. Absolute disaster and absolutely expected. The sides have made a financial deal to go forward but way less than the $500k they shook on at the presser. That was not binding when it comes to actual contracts.”

“You still think Ryan is trolling? Please. Kid shouldn’t be fighting,” Rafael told the Doubting Thomases. “He’s not mentally or physically ready, obviously. He has problems and I feel bad for him. He has a good heart but is messed up and has nobody around him who gives a damn. Haney going to hurt him.”

Even Garcia’s promoter believes he’s “mentally unstable.”

“Ryan has weighed in over his contractual weight,” Golden Boy Promotions wrote in a prepared statement. “He will honor the handshake made at the final press conference yesterday. We have a fight.”

The show must go on … but at what cost? $69.99 on DAZN!

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