McGregor Sets Countdown: ‘Five More Nights On The Delicious’

Conor McGregor is back to training in preparation for his UFC 303 fight against Michael Chandler. But he’s not quite done drinking just yet.

Over the past several years, McGregor went from full-time fighter to alcohol empire mogul with a combat sports side hustle. He’s sold stakes in his Proper 12 whiskey business for hundreds of millions of dollars, and he’s currently trying to recreate that magic with Forged Irish Stout. His socials are awash in photos and videos of “The Notorious” enjoying his own wares.

All of that could stop soon, according to the Mac. In a recent Instagram post where McGregor praised his buddy Justin Bieber, he included an interesting suggestion that he’s putting down the bottle.

“Five more nights on the delicious and then that be that,” he wrote.

That would put McGregor’s dry-out date around April 25th, which is nine weeks before he’s set to weigh in on June 27th for UFC 303.

McGregor’s non-stop boozing has been noted by Michael Chandler, who still expects a formidable opponent to step into the cage across from him in Las Vegas.

“Nothing more powerful than hearing a sense of commitment & passion from what the masses consider an uncommitted person,” Chandler said back in August. “Never underestimate the human spirit.”

“I’m on the gargle every night and still gonna smack the s— out of you,” McGregor replied.

Will nine weeks be enough for Conor to shake off the effects of being a booze mascot for the past few years? Will it matter? Ryan Garcia just admitted he was drinking every night en route to his dominating win over Devin Haney. Jon Jones defeated the very best the UFC had to offer while going on fight week benders.

But can McGregor come back from a badly broken leg against a tough opponent while also staying on the sauce? It’s just another troubling factor for fans to worry about as McGregor’s long-awaited comeback approaches.

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