Arman Erodes ‘Iron’ Critique With ‘Exciting’ Rebuttal

Arman Tsarukyan had an opportunity to fight Islam Makhachev for the lightweight title at the upcoming UFC 302 pay-per-view (PPV) event on June 1 in Newark, but “Ahalkalakets” passed on the offer, insisting the turnaround time was too short after recently defeating Charles Oliveira at UFC 300 in Las Vegas.

Fellow lightweight contender, Michael Chandler, believes it was a tactical error.

“Arman just went out there and beat Oliveira, sounds like he’s going to be No. 1 contender next,” Chandler said on The MMA Hour. “I also don’t understand why he didn’t take that fight. I would have taken it. Man, this sport moves fast. This sport moves very fast. June 1, you’re going to see the lightweight title happen, and then a couple weeks later, you’re going to see (Chandler vs. McGregor), a fight that’s way bigger than that happen, and both guys can make lightweight. The sport moves fast, so you’ve got to take your opportunities and you’ve got to pounce on them.”

Perhaps they have different goals in mind.

“I don’t expect you to understand Michael Chandler, we are not on the same level,” Tsarukyan responded on Twitter. “I am here to be the champ. You are just waiting for a paycheck. I also don’t understand why you waited [for] Conor fight for two years, you could’ve lost four exciting fights during that time.”


Chandler has an opportunity to cash the biggest paycheck of his life when he collides with former lightweight champion Conor McGregor atop the UFC 303 PPV card on June 29 in Las Vegas. A victory over McGregor, who is currently unranked at 155 pounds, may not be enough to leapfrog Tsarukyan in the 155-pound title chase.

But it will certainly buy a lot of red panties.

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