It’s Not Just Winning For Victor Henry, It’s How He Wins

“It was a weird experience, and a lot of people don’t really understand exactly what happened,” Henry told “They think it’s a low blow or whatever, right?

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“There are a few types of low blows – there is the impact, of course, but what happened to me specifically, if you rewatch the fight, in the first round he kind of grazes by my cup. I think he was throwing a body kick but, on the retraction, it grazed my cup, so I fixed it. You can see that in the first round. After that, I’m readjusting my cup and what actually happened is some manhood slipped out between rounds one and two because I was adjusting my cup.”

“So, I had some of my Victor Henrys coming out, so when he kicked me, it hit between my cup and my leg, which is why it hurt so bad. It wasn’t just the impact, it was more of a bite.”

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