‘12 Gauge’ Unloads On ‘Piece Of S—t’ Danis After Alleged Affair Claims

Paige VanZant wasn’t going to sit back and let Dillon Danis run his mouth.

If there’s one thing the 30-year-old Danis is good at, especially in 2024, it’s talking. Well, saying words at a high frequency might be a better way to put it as saying he’s “good” at talking is generous. Unfortunately, he just won’t stop despite his miserable recent attempt at trying to box Logan Paul in October 2023.

Danis’ match with World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) United States champion was his first combat sports competition in four years and resulted a disqualification loss (watch highlights) in round six after seemingly realizing he had no hopes of winning. Technically, it was a crossover effort from Danis, who last fought in mixed martial arts (MMA) before the match. Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Strawweight and Flyweight prospect, Paige VanZant, is now set to do the same after a stint in bare-knuckle boxing (BKB). In a promotional video for her match against Elle Brooke on May 25, 2024, she said Danis wasn’t a real fighter when asked about previous examples of crossovers, which led to a salty Danis response.

“How fast they forget!” Danis replied on X. “Haha, relax, Paigey baby, just because I didn’t wife you doesn’t mean you have to be petty. Don’t make me bring up our two trips to Vegas and ruin your marriage.”

Danis has apparently pursued a match up with VanZant’s husband, Austin Vanderford, since the comments. Dramatic, we know. However, VanZant wasn’t ready to let such claims slide without sharing her side of any potential story.

“It has come to my attention that there is a certain clown on Instagram by the name of Dillon Danis, trying to talk some s—t and stir up some drama. So, let’s f—king go, right?” VanZant said in an X video. “Dillon, obviously, I said you’re not a ‘real fighter.’ My bad I triggered you. I understand that hurt your feelings, but instead of coming back and just talking s—t about me saying I’m not a real fighter, what did you do? You kind of f—ked yourself, right?

“You backed yourself into a corner because now you have to come with proof of this alleged ‘affair,’” she continued. “The only time I remember ever seeing you in Vegas was at the UFC Athlete Retreat. You walked up to me in a bar, asked me to peg you in front of multiple other UFC fighters, and I laughed in your face. That’s not the definition of a relationship, is it? And stirring up drama on the internet to try and fight my husband, there’s definitely better ways you can handle that.

“He’s got three things that you will absolutely never have,” VanZant concluded. “One: a wife, two: friends, and three: a real MMA resume. So, Dillon, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, but when you’re a piece of s—t like you are, it’s pretty f—king easy. Have a good one.”

VanZant, 30, is 0-2 in her lone two BKB matches that took place in 2021. Her last came opposite Rachael Ostovich, a rematch of their UFC encounter that VanZant won via second round armbar in January 2019. Ostovich won the gloveless rematch by unanimous decision in July of that year.

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