‘Don’t Come Near Me If I See You Ever Ryan Garcia’

Conor McGregor is no longer a fan of “King.”

Ryan Garcia scored a massive win against Devin Haney two weeks ago (watch highlights); however, on May 1, 2024, he tested positive for the banned performance-enhancing drug (PED), Ostarine, in two Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) tests before and after his win.

Garcia denies he took anything, blaming it on Ashwagandha root.

McGregor, who has heavily supported Garcia since his first professional loss, gave his thoughts on the failed drug test, which aren’t good.

“Cheated the weight and was juiced, lifetime ban,” McGregor wrote in a deleted Twitter post. “Sad to see, sad to say. Sad and a bit sick. Don’t come near me if I see you ever Ryan Garcia. I am actually disgusted. This ostarine it reminds me of Sean O’Malley was on that as well. I don’t like this, I’ll bust yous both up, do yous want a spar. I will set flights right now for you both for a full on spar each. Hotel, black forge inn the lot. #letssparomalley and #garcia two little ostarine heads l’ll ride you both like yous are ostriches.

Wtf is up. What do you think you are at? If I was Haney’s dad, you’re dead no matter what for doing that. Crazy. What the f—ck happened to you, you little fool. Get your head together cos I gonna smash it in with elbows if you don’t. Fair play Devin well done. Your performance has just become even more heroic! Bravo. GET YOUR HEAD TOGETHER OR KILL YOURSELF”

McGregor has vehemently been against fighters using steroids in combat sports and always calls it out, especially when USADA was still in the picture.

Although it is still unclear what McGregor took when he excused himself from that program.

Nevertheless, McGregor is clean now because he returns to action next month against Michael Chandler at UFC 303 in Las Vegas.

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