Video: White, O’Malley Get Burnt During Roast Of Tom Brady

The Roast of Tom Brady just aired live on Netflix tonight (Sun. May 5th, 2024) and everyone involved took the gloves completely off to wreck the retired Patriots quarterback. It didn’t take long for “TB12” to realize he’d made a terrible mistake agreeing to this. Half the fun involved seeing him squirm in the seat of ‘honor’ as comedians brought up every scandal and embarrassing moment across 20+ years in the spotlight.

Brady wasn’t the only one who was targeted. Roastmaster Jeff Ross got some shots in at UFC CEO Dana White, who was in attendance with Max Holloway and Sean O’Malley. Ross was clearly unfamiliar with “Suga” and his swag.

“What’s up, Dana! Look at this, talk about a legend in the room,” Ross said. “Pull back, I want to show he brought the whole cast of Queer Eye. Dana, who are these guys? Are these guys, are they neutered? What the f— is going on here. The sign said no pets, Dana.”

“I love you Dana,” he continued. “You’re like Michael Vick but with human beings.”

That was probably one of the classier jokes from the evening.

White also got to show off some of his stand up chops:

Give that man his show money and escort his family out of the building!

Andrew Schultz also got a shot in at the Baldfather.

Take a look at some of the other highlights (or lowlights) from the event. We’ll keep you updated on when Tom Brady is released from the burn ward after all that next-level roasting he just endured.

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