Prochazka Ready For Pereira Rematch In June

Are Jiri Prochazka and Alex Pereira on a path to collide once again this summer? It’s certainly starting to seem that way after both men put on impressive performances at UFC 300.

Pereira made quick work of Jamahal Hill, knocking out “Sweet Dreams” just three minutes into the first round. Prochazka’s win over Aleksandar Rakic was longer and sloppier, but still earned him a KO win … and a $300,000 performance bonus to boot.

Considering the two just fought for the vacant title in November 2023, few were expecting the UFC to match Pereira and Prochazka back up next. But in a recent interview, “Poatan” implied “BJP” might get a Dustin Poirier style bump into the No. 1 contender’s spot simply for being ready to fight.

“I think if I wait for that [Magomed Ankalaev] fight, it would take too long,” Pereira said. “I want to fight earlier than that. I think as far as we know, most likely the next in line is Jiri Prochazka.”

Speaking to James Lynch, Prochazka said he hasn’t heard from the UFC regarding a title fight, but he’s willing to jump back into action as soon as June to lock things in.

“I didn’t heard anything,” he said. “I just said what I said in the cage after the fight — I want to be the next challenger for the title, and that’s something that is my opinion. Right now it’s up to the UFC, when they want to do this fight because I believe in my win and I will show I am able to take that belt and win in a fight with Alex Pereira.”

“I’m waiting to settle this upcoming fight and I still don’t know who, if it will be Alex or who, but I believe the world wants to see that. The world wants to see this fight and I know I have the right weapons to defeat Alex Pereira.”

Prochazka certainly won over a lot of new fans during UFC 300, and it’s hard to imagine a more bankable opponent for Pereira at this moment (barring a sudden change in Jon Jones’ plans). If the UFC wants to strike while the iron is hot, now is the time. And Jiri is ready.

“Perfect time for me right now is to take two, three weeks, just a little bit of rest,” he said. “Take some inspiration. And right now I know what to do in preparation [for] the next [fight], especially for a fight with Alex. But it’s still about my manager to confirm that. I think about August. July, August, or something like that. October maybe. Doesn’t matter. For me it doesn’t matter.”

“If they want for me to fight in some short way, I will do that. I will go for that. If [UFC 303 in June] would be accepted by Alex, I will do that. I will go that.”

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