Veronica Hardy Embraces Living In The Moment

“That’s life,” she laughs, and she’s right. That reality doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying this moment, though, as she returned from a three-year layoff in 2023 to run off back-to-back victories over Juliana Miller and Jamey-Lyn Horth that have her on the verge of a Top 15 ranking at 125 pounds should she get by Aldrich this weekend.   

“It’s hard not to enjoy it,” she said. “Being in New York, no matter how sore, how tired, how whatever you feel, you’re still walking in the streets of Manhattan, and it’s not that bad. So that certainly helps, just the feel, the energy of the city and the people around you. How can you not enjoy it? It just brings this different level of love to what you’re doing and this different level of strength to overcome things.”

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Hardy has overcome a lot, both in and out of the Octagon, and whether it was concussion issues, chronic fatigue or a 1-4 start to her UFC career, she’s fought hard to get back here. And now that she’s here – and at the young age of 28, no less – she’s embracing it and not looking too far past Saturday.

“It’s great to be on a two-fight win streak, but I’ve been on a two-fight losing streak, so I know both sides to the coin,” she said. “And every fighter that you face is difficult and if you don’t approach it correctly, it just shatters in your face. So, for me, it’s just about being present in the opportunities that I have, because having three years on the sidelines has also helped me appreciate how cool it is to do this and to be physically able to do it.”

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