MVP, Buckley, Brady? ‘I’ve Said Yes’

Ian Machado Garry is on the hunt for a UFC 303 opponent after his first choice, Colby Covington, turned the bout down.

Garry and Covington engaged in an extended back-and-forth online which seemed to be leading up to a big fight on June 29th. But then Colby started suggesting Ian wasn’t ‘serious’ enough to fight, and now the rising Irish contender says the official answer on that match-up is ‘No.’

“Colby is officially out. He sustained an injury in December and he medically won’t be cleared until September,” Garry said in a new interview with TalkSPORT. “I don’t believe a f—ing second of it. I think he’s running. I don’t think he wants anything to do with me, and he’s running. But that’s where I’m at.”

The decision from “Chaos” is frustrating to Garry because it likely cost him the co-main slot at UFC 303, just under Conor McGregor.

“The truth is, if it’s not Colby then I don’t believe it’s going to be co-main,” he said. “I don’t believe they’ll give the co-main if it’s not the Colby Covington fight. That was the fight I wanted, the fight that sells and drives that anticipation.”

But Garry is determined to fight on that card against someone, and he’s willing to fight down the rankings to do it.

“There’s been other people that have been offered, and they’re running too,” he said. “They’re all coming up with excuses. At the end of the day, whoever wants to show up across for me in that octagon on June 29th. I’m sick of this ranking stuff. I’m in a position where everyone above me is injured and then Leon [Edwards] and Belal [Muhammad] are facing off against each other. I have no interest in fighting below me, but I’m kind of in a position where I have no choice, other than to wait.”

“And last thing I wanna do is wait. I wanna be active. I wanna fight. I wanna compete.”

“I’ve said yes,” he said about a fight with Michael “Venom” Page. “I’ve said yes to that man. Him and his coaches are deciding because he feels a bit heavy. He’s a bit heavy to make to make weight in 7 weeks’ time, but I’ve said yes. They’ve offered me Colby. I’ve said yes to MVP. I’ve said yes to Sean Brady. I’ve said yes to I don’t even know his name, the Uzbekistani guy, if he had won. I’ve said yes to Joaquin [Buckley].”

Hopefully someone says yes back, and soon. UFC 303 is less than seven weeks away, so the clock is ticking for Ian Garry to find a dance partner.

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