‘Suga’ Coach Ready To Jump In ‘Streetfight Pool’ With Aljo

Aljamain Sterling wants to fight Sean O’Malley again, and once he’s done with that maybe he’ll fight O’Malley’s coach for good measure.

Bad blood has been brewing between Team Aljo and “Suga” coach Tim Welch since video popped up online showing Welch pretending to be Sterling’s cornerman during the O’Malley fight. “Aljo, you gotta go!” Welch yells, moments before Aljo goes and gets cracked with a fight finishing counter.

Sterling insists he wasn’t reacting to what Welch was doing, but he was annoyed at the behavior of O’Malley’s coach during the fight. After his buddy and training partner Merab Dvalishvili threatened Welch, “Funkmaster” got in on the action too.

“You talked hella s— during my fight with Sean,” Aljo wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “The ref had to tell you to stfu multiple times. I wanted to slap you in between rounds and I regret not taking the fine for that … Let Sean talk shit, you don’t need to be chiming in on the shit talk unless you want the problems as well. It’s that simple bro.”

“You making yourself fair game,” he added in another tweet. “That’s all I’m saying.”

In a new episode of the TimboSugarShow, Welch reacted to Sterling’s latest comments.

“When [Aljamain] said he wanted to slap me between rounds, I went ‘Oh!’” he said, downplaying the heckling. “I bet you there were people yelling at Michael Jordan.”

“Dude, Aljo is trying to knock my buddy out. Aljo was flustered, and I get it. Bro, I never talk s—, I always give respect. But I must’ve been burning him pretty bad, I don’t know.”

“And then he was talking about ‘You’re putting yourself in the pool!’” Welch added. “Like what kind of pool? A street fight pool? What ruleset do you want to do? I’m not going to talk s— to anyone I think can f— me up.”

It all adds up to a potentially explosive fight week when Sean O’Malley and Aljamain Sterling’s teammate Merab Dvalishvili fight sometime towards the end of the year. While Merab has claimed the fight will go down in September at the Sphere, our sources say the event will be later than that. Until then, let the bad blood fester!

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