‘I Wanna Kiss Mike’s Big Juicy Lips’

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson sat down on Thursday night at a press conference to promote their July 20th Netflix boxing match. The two did a little mean mugging to convince people this will be a real fight and not a patty cake exhibition. But for the most part they were friendly. Almost too friendly.

“I wanna kiss Mike’s big juicy lips,” Paul said at one point, possibly trying to get a rise out of the boxing legend.

Well, mission accomplished, but not in the way he intended.

“He wanted to kiss me?” Tyson replied with a grin. “That’s so ironic that he said that because I saw a picture of him dancing at 16, doing a little dance on YouTube. And for some reason, I had an erection.”

On to more fight-focused trash talk, Tyson predicted that Paul wouldn’t be able to hurt him in the ring.

“He couldn’t even knock out [Nate] Diaz,” Tyson said. “Diaz is 40 pounds. He’s going to knock me out? Anderson Silva. He couldn’t even knock out the little guys. How’s he going to knock me out?”

“Who did he knock out? Little children. He never knocked out a real man, come on. He didn’t knock out Tommy Fury. I’m going to f— Jake up. How am I going to lose if he couldn’t beat Tommy Fury?”

“Look, he’s right,” Paul replied. “I can’t stand here and say I did those things, but what I promise to the people on July 20th: Mike will be put to sleep and he will feel my power. I will go down as the man who put Tyson to sleep for the last time.”

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