Adrian Yanez Is Searching For More

“Initially, it was nerve wracking,” said Yanez. “So I had to go back and start film studying myself and see where I needed to be better. But that also lit a fire underneath my butt and honestly made me get tighter. I started working on a lot more things just on me, on my level. And I used to do this all the time. I used to go back and watch my own fights and just film study and break myself down. How would I beat me? What would I do if I was the other guy? I used to do that religiously. And again, it goes back to getting comfortable. I got way too comfortable. So once I got back to it and started watching myself and watching my fights, it was one of those things where I was nervous, but once I started implementing it into what I do in training, I was like, oh, okay, well, it doesn’t make me nervous anymore. And I started watching the other guys fighting. Okay, now I know what my tool set can beat that guy, that guy, that guy. So it was nerve wracking until I actually started working on it and I was like, oh, man, this is going to be fun.”

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There’s the key. Yanez said the “F” word. In this business, fun isn’t something you get too often, but if you can find it here and there, well, that can make all the difference. And Adrian Yanez is having fun again, which usually means it won’t be fun for his opponent on fight night.

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