Michael Chandler Never Wavered

“I’m a guy that likes to stay busy, but it’s been one of the most fruitful times of my life. Honestly, I was just chasing happiness, joy, and spending time with my family,” Chandler told UFC.com. “Being able to step back to gain some clarity on where I stand and my passion for competition was amazing. It also allowed me to spend quality time with my wife and sons, more so than I probably have had their entire lives.”

In March of 2023, season 31 of TUF was filmed, with Chandler coaching opposite of McGregor.

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Team Chandler won nearly all the quarterfinal and semifinal bouts, but to Chandler, the biggest win was being around McGregor for an extended time and staying even keel. At some points in the show, McGregor showed Chandler respect, and in others he trash talked the Missouri native. Regardless of the situation, Chandler maintained his composure and feels he didn’t give McGregor any sort of mental edge over him.

“It was very interesting. What TUF really did for me, the best thing that it did for me, it wasn’t the trash talk, it was me standing confidently on my own two feet,” Chandler said. “I wasn’t scared or didn’t act like a tough guy. I did neither. I wasn’t shaken; I was copasetic. That gave me an edge.”

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