Monthly Report | May 2024

When you hear athletes speak about their time in the gym, they’ll always tell you about how much they’re working to round out the elements of their game, looking to strengthen strengths and develop the pieces that might be lacking. Rarely do you get to see the results of those efforts as clearly as we saw here.

Hill’s bout with Pinheiro was the 30th of her career and 25th inside the UFC Octagon. She had 16 career victories heading in and zero by way of submission. A striker by trade, Hill has been working on her grappling and jiu jitsu for years, and even hinted at perhaps trying to submit Mackenzie Dern when she faced off with the former BJJ world champion a year ago.

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Last weekend, everyone finally got to see the fruits of Hill’s labor as she quickly locked up a clean guillotine choke on Pinheiro, securing the first submission win of her career.

When the Brazilian reached forward for a panicked takedown attempt, extending her arms, but not bringing her body with her, Hill clocked her exposed neck immediately, locked up the choke and jumped to guard. Seconds after they hit the canvas, Hill rolled Pinheiro over, moving into mount, and secured the tap.

As much as we joke about not jumping guillotines, there are moments where it’s clearly a good option and this was one of those instances. The choke was set, Pinheiro was trapped, and rather than working for a standing, high-angle variation, taking it to the canvas and flipping her onto her back was the best finishing approach for Hill.

The 39-year-old has long been one of those competitors whose record doesn’t accurately reflect her level of skill nor speak to the challenge she presents everyone that steps in against her, but against Pinheiro, we saw just how dangerous she is and that even this far into her career, “Overkill” is still developing new weapons for her arsenal.

Honorable Mentions: Anthony Smith vs. Vitor Petrino, Michel Pereira vs. Ihor Potieria, Chase Hooper vs. Viacheslav Borshchev

Knockout of the Month: Esteban Ribovics stops Terrance McKinney (UFC St. Louis)

When your opponent ends up seated against the fence, sound asleep, and comes to with no sense of how they ended up in that particular position, that’s pretty clearly a sign that you delivered the top knockout of the month.

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