Significant Stats | UFC 302: Makhachev vs Poirier

Key Stats: 6.09 strikes landed per minute (5th all-time among MW), 56.6% signficiant strike accuracy (8th all-time among MW), 4 KO/TKO wins (tied 3rd)

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What It Means: Costa is an all-action, in-your-face fighter who does his best work when he can get his opponent moving backwards and along the fence. He exhibits some patience on the feet, but once he gets his opponent cornered utilizing his footwork and pressure, he’ll uncork punches in bunches. Costa’s kicks are also underrated and underappreciated. He can throw a variety of techniques rather quickly and unpredictably. “The Eraser” also exhibits a good chin and love for a firefight.

What to Look For in the Fight: It’s going to be a fight in which whoever is moving forward is having success, as basic as that sounds. Strickland probably fights better on his heels than Costa, but with pressure being each fighter’s highest-quality weapon, it’s paramount that they take and keep the center. Strickland’s defense could frustrate Costa if he picks and chooses shots, but if he can maintain a high pace or find pockets to push the action, he’ll find holes in the defense. However, Strickland has a style as friendly to 25-minute fights as any, and he could slowly break Costa down as the fight goes long.

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