Mickey Gall Is Back And Better Than Ever

“I was feeling that all camp, and it got to a point where I could not sit down,” said Gall. “Sitting in the car, driving to practice, I’d be getting blood red, mad at anybody in traffic that was making me sit in the car any longer because I was in excruciating pain.”

Gall kept a brave face, kept showing up to practice, and kept fighting. But what started as a 5-2 UFC career turned into losses in three of four bouts, and after an April 2022 loss to Mike Malott, Gall had some hard decisions to make because this whole thing just wasn’t working out.

Full UFC 302 Fight Card Preview

“Luckily, I had good people around me that were helping me try and mitigate the pain, but I guess it was just mental toughness getting me through,” he said. “Once you get moving, it’d feel a little better and it wouldn’t be terrible. But there were points where I was just laying on my floor on my stomach for probably hours, in constant pain, after trying to train. And leading up to the surgery, it was just constant pain and there was no escaping it. My left leg wouldn’t move, and everything was just bad. That was when it was a little scary.”

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