GLORY Star Bekah Irwin Awaits Her Fury FC Debut | UFC FIGHT PASS

“I trained jiu jitsu for nine years,” Irwin said. “I did competitions when I was little, also. I’m comfortable right now. It’s totally different with the strikes but I don’t feel clueless, I’ll say that. I definitely need some improvement, but it’s there.”

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Even with almost a decade of grappling under her belt, Irwin will aim to keep the fight off the ground. As one of the most impressive strikers in women’s MMA, she knows that the mat and the fence are not where she wants to be.

“I’m trying to not get held down, I’m trying to stay off the fence and keep it on the feet,” Irwin claims. “If I do get taken down, get right back up. Or if I did get taken down and I’m on the floor, I’m trying to make it an interesting scramble to where I can come out on top or just get back to my feet.”

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