“It’s exciting in some ways, but like everything: we’ll see,” he said with a broad smile. “How I feel is that we have a new prototype, we’ve been working on it, we’ve flown it a few times, but, at the end of the day, you’ve gotta fly it (for real).

“At the end of the day, we’re gonna see if that was the right path. I think it is. What I’m seeing in sparring, what I’m seeing in the gym — and that’s the place where we can replicate it the closest to Saturday night — it’s trending well, but you never know. I’m saying that just completely honestly.

UFC 302 REWIND: Final Results | Makhachev Post Fight Interview

“I’m very confident, I know I’m a favorite, I know all that, but I have to do it, and nothing is certain,” he added. “He could be better than we expect. He could be as good as we’re expecting and have a moment. I still need to do it, and there is only one way of doing it and that’s wait until Saturday and fly the damn thing.”

Should this weekend’s “official launch” in Louisville go as well as the “test flights” Katona has been conducting back in the gym in Dublin, he admits that the feeling is going to be freeing, and obviously feel significantly better than how he felt exiting the Octagon in Toronto earlier this year.

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