Camden Fontenot Not Buying Into O’Connor’s Hype | UFC FIGHT PASS

“We saw Anthony Cassar’s fight,” Fontenot said. “Not every wrestler can get in there and actually want to fight. I’m going to be the one to see if Austin O’Connor actually wants to fight or if he just wants to be in MMA for the name and all the hype.”

Fontenot admits that in a folkstyle match he’s out of his league with O’Connor, but explains that the wrestling itself may not be enough of an advantage to set O’Connor apart as drastically as everybody thinks. A folkstyle wrestler doesn’t walk into the Olympics the favorite just because of their college career, and Fontenot explains that there’s an even bigger gap when it comes to MMA, a gap he’s willing to put to the test.

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“I’m not scared to wrestle,” Fontenot said. “I enjoy wrestling when it comes to fighting, but again, this is MMA. That’s why I think I can get this guy out of there. I’m not scared to wrestle; there’s a lot of guys that would fight him and just be scared once he got to the legs. Bring the takedowns, I enjoy it.”

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