Midnight Mania: Topuria’s Goal? Highest Salary In All Of Sports

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It’s been just over two months since Ilia Topuria flattened Alexander Volkanovski (watch here) with a massive right hand to claim the Featherweight crown. As a result of that victory, the Spanish fighter has options. The frontrunner for the next title shot is Max Holloway, who delivered his own tremendous knockout just a couple weeks ago at UFC 300 to seemingly solidify his position as the top contender in whatever division he wants!

Topuria, however, is a bit less enthused. He’s also talked about rematching Volkanovski next, though the Australian’s return to competition timeline is uncertain. He’s also mentioned Brian Ortega as an option, and he dares Bantamweight king Sean O’Malley to step up to his weight class.

Safe to say, Topuria has options.

He might want to fight all of them in short fashion if he’s to make his 2025 goal a reality, however. In a recent interview, Topuria revealed his goal and belief that by the end of 2025, he would be the best paid athlete in the world.

“Look, I can tell you that I have no doubt that in 2025, I will be the highest paid athlete in the world,” Topuria told Webpositer. When told Cristiano Ronaldo is set to make $130 million this year, Topuria promised, “I’ll be there. I’d be surprised if I didn’t do it” and “I have no doubt, really.”

Perhaps that’s why Topuria is insistent that Holloway put his BMF belt on the line as well? If Topuria is targeting absolutely massive paychecks, he’ll need every bit of fame and prestige possible. The problem is that standard UFC championship purses will not get him that many zeroes, so he’ll also need his own Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather moment to really explode onto the Forbes list. It doesn’t sound likely or even all that possible, but Topuria has walked the talk thus far.

He might want to hurry up and book a title defense though.


What new information is likely to come to light that NSAC couldn’t just settle on a length of suspension now?

Muhammad Mokaev reacts to getting leapfrogged in the rankings by the man he just beat:

Speaking of Alex Perez, he’s taking a quick turnaround against tough competition. Hopefully, he’s able to stay active now, because his fights are usually fun.

Looks like Petr Yan vs. Marlon Vera isn’t happening as soon as hoped … or maybe at all.

Is this the 2.0 version of foot stomps? MMA innovation!

I never learned this finish to the head inside single leg.

The spin move seals it.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Usually, it’s hard to kick the liver when two Southpaws face off, but kicking as the other man punches is one workaround.

Fire a head kick to convince them to swing, then stand ground with a counter punch:

Double jab and a whipping overhand! That punch reminds me of Chuck Liddell’s demonstration of how to throw an overhand: loose arm with a rock at the end.

Random Land

Gecko lunch.

Midnight Music: Soul, 1970

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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