Jonathan Martinez Has Momentum

Stylistically, it’s a fight that promises excitement, especially if you’re a fan of leg kicks, but Martinez isn’t banking on 15 minutes of standing and trading. He’s preparing for anything, because he doesn’t want to get caught napping and lose his spot in the 135-pound pecking order.

“I like his style,” he said. “But it’s just another style to prove myself against and, after this, I keep going up from here, so I just got to go in there and perform.”

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Perform. It’s something Martinez probably didn’t pay attention to when he was starting out. Back then, it was go in there, fight, and win. But to get the public on your side, you have to give them something to cheer about, and that’s what he’s been doing. It’s perfect timing, as he may be in – or approaching – his prime.

“I’m training super hard, and I am trying to reach that level, and I feel like I’m reaching it,” he said. I’m 30, and I feel really good. And going against someone like Aldo, that’s a pretty good experience and I just feel like I’m hungry right now and I’m starting to put everything together.”

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